Panna House Crew

More about Copenhagen Panna House

They were just 3 players at the beginning who thought that street soccer was amazing. It was something deeper in them, a big passion. They decided to start to build a name for it in order to gain some recognition. The idea behind the name was kind of representing 2 things:

  • CPH for CoPenHagen
  • CPH using also for Copenhagen Panna House.

This house is a kind of a dream: to build an open space, gather everyone there and just play street soccer - everyone belongs to one society, one community. Now there are 50 panna players in Copenhagen Panna House who are training, practicing, inspiring each other and it keeps growing.
This house changes their lives - they bring panna and street football with this love for the game and have a way of life, with panna.

There are 5 house leaders in the Copenhagen Panna House with 50 members and it keeps growing every day. They are growing together, as a community, and showing each other tricks and lifestyle. It's not just for children, it's also for adults. The house leaders are trying to make this Panna House running even if some of them will leave one day.

The purpose of house leaders is to inspire kids who want to join Panna House because one day they will become the house leaders and they will carry the panna lifestyle to the next generation. One of the ways that Panna House is using to communicate is via social media which is also the main reason why street soccer is growing and blooming. Now they can take videos of each other, showing new tricks and learning from each other. That is not only physically, but also through communication over the web. The members of Panna House can learn something by watching tutorials and not only by their coach during the training sessions organized every week.

The main source for getting new children is mostly word of mouth. They come and start feeling the same thing as the house leaders do: love and passion for panna. Then they talk about it with friends and ask them if they want to try it. Some of them like it, so they stay. If they don't like it, it's up to them because it?s obvious that panna is not for everyone, but for people who enjoy this type of sport.

Panna House organizes some events which can be hold for + 30 kids but also for 8+ kids. The size of the event doesn't really matter. What is the most important is that they enjoy themselves and play around with the ball. The purpose is that panna influences on them in a positive way.
These house leaders and their members can stay playing all day long, because of their passion to the game. The members text and snap them every day with panna, and ask about next tournaments and trainings. One child with a disease (diabetes) said that when he's playing, he doesn't think about the disease. He just plays and feels like everyone else in the field.

For the moment, Panna House doesn't have money from municipality. They make it working thanks to their passion and their shows. They are trying over the years to get more support from the government in order to have more possibilities to get better events, to promote street football and involve young people.

  • Suell Stiven Osmani
  • Peter Kristoffer Licht
  • Amine Benmoumou
  • Soheil Haghani Moshkeleh